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As a member of the YKK Fastening Products Group, Tape Craft provides various types of webbing materials and assemblies for a variety of end uses to our tier-one and tier-two customers. Beyond the webbing-based solutions presented here, customers can also access a complete lineup of transportation fastening solutions.

Some of our recently approved materials meet high tensile and U.V. stable requirements as required by some OEM’s. We custom color develop our webbing to exact color requirements and certify those colors with the use of spectrophotometer technology.

We also produce cut and sew assemblies for interior applications that can be insert-molded for seat back and other interior trim uses. Our vertically integrated manufacturing allows Tape Craft to provide excellent material development and prototype capability to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

Automotive Pull Straps

Webbing Seat Pull Straps for Automotive Interiors

Tape Craft manufactures webbing seat pull straps that are made of various types of raw materials, and that come in different weaving patterns, sizes, and shapes for automotive applications. Moreover, we can match colors and any type of chemical finishing to meet your requirements.

Webbing Seat Pull Strap Benefits

  • High-dyeing technology;
  • Various chemical finishes available;
  • High tensile strength, and UV stability;
  • Adjustable cutting and sewing available for desired shapes and lengths;
  • Seat pull straps attached with plastic hardware, metal rings and hook & loop.

Webbing Seat Pull Strap Applications

  • Pulls down seats and seat components (armrest, headrest);
  • Retains or pulls up seats to change seat configuration;
  • Pulls storage box lid up or down;
  • Pulls down compartment covers to make room for luggage;
  • Pulls down hatchback door.

Colors and Finishes

Based on the “Dye to match” philosophy, Tape Craft matches colors to meet your exact requirements. A spectrophotometer color computer evaluates color matching to ensure exact colors.

We Offer Various Chemical Finishes

  • Waterproof;
  • UV proof;
  • Fire-retardant coating;
  • Starching;
  • Polyurethane coating;
  • Antibacterial coating.

Automotive webbings are FMVSS 302 qualified. Tape Craft provides excellent material development and can meet your individual needs.

Loop Cord

This slotted web design is a one size fits all. No assembly required to make hook or loop. Polyester/nylon so slots “springs” open to be inserted in fold of seat fabric. Webbing is supplied on spools.

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