Mil-Spec Webbing

Only The Best for Our Country’s Finest

Tape Craft Corporation is committed to building a legacy of service and product excellence for the military. The focus on manufacturing excellence, rapid response and product development – and the industry knowledge represented – means Tape Craft is uniquely positioned to meet the high expectations and the specialized needs of the U.S. armed services with a full lineup of technical narrow fabrics and support.

Tape Craft is leading the way to ensuring our forces are equipped with the very best webbings and tapes available. Tape Craft engineers and manufactures webbings and tapes from most any fiber to meet strict military requirements for hundreds of applications ranging from backpacks (MOLLE), duffel bags and field packs, tactical vests, parachutes, cargo netting, uniforms (ACU), belts, tents, and many more.

Tape Craft Government Industry Brochure

Military-Spec Webbing

Tape Craft produces many tapes and webbings for military applications using cotton, nylon, and polypropylene fibers. Some of the mil-specs we produce are:

  • MIL-T-5038
  • MIL-T-43566
  • MIL-W-43668 / A-A-55301
  • MIL-W-44049
  • MIL-W-5665
  • MIL-W-530
  • MIL-W-4088
  • MIL-W-27265
  • MIL-W-17337
  • MIL-W-5625
  • MIL-W-5661
  • A-A 59467

INVISTA Solution Dyed Webbing Available

Tape Craft is now offering TAN 499 webbings. Shade and IRR approved by the U.S. Soldier Center in Natick, MA. Tape Craft’s color is 7B376.

Berry Amendment Compliant

All Tape Craft mil-spec webbing is Berry Amendment Compliant. Certification to PIA and performance-based specifications are available.

Cotton Webbing

Tape Craft has a long history of manufacturing cotton webbing, most notably for mil-spec applications. Although much of the world has moved to various synthetic fibers for most applications, Tape Craft retains our special capability to produce cotton webbing where there is a need for a unique hand, appearance, or special requirement. Cotton still offers unique advantages because of its soft hand, its texture, its rich matte finish, its water absorption abilities, and its elimination of static electricity. Tape Craft produces cotton webbings in a variety of colors, and finishes.

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