Quality Control

Focused on satisfaction and safety

Pursuit of Excellence

Tape Craft Corporation’s Quality Policy provides the guidance around which the rest of our Quality System is built. In Tape Craft’s “Pursuit of Excellence” we are committed to continuous improvement of our products, processes, and personnel to provide our customer with on-time quality products which meet their expectations.

Tape Craft is certified under the following international standards

Wide-Ranging Capabilities

As a long time supplier of Mil-spec webbing to government contractors, Tape Craft has established a physical testing laboratory with wide ranging capabilities. As the company has moved into other markets as well, our testing capabilities have expanded even more to satisfy the challenging technical requirements of new applications.

Conforms to All Testing Regulations

Today, Tape Craft has sophisticated test equipment to assure product conformatnce to:

  • Stringent requirements of personal safety applications, including tensile and elongation;
  • Properties such as abrasion resistance, and lammability;
  • Special demands for load limiting and repeated cycling;
  • Critical long term UV resistance requirements of outdoor applications;
  • Strict demands for color consistency and colorfastness in today’s market;
  • Subjective stiffness requirements with our stiffness tester;
  • Many demanding requirements for military applications including pH, copper content, and water absorption.

Quality Assurance Department

Our Quality Assurance department prides itself on providing a level of confidence about the performance of our products confidence both internally at Tape Craft and at our customers. Every production lot is tested to the special demands of the particular customer and an enormous database of test results is maintained. Tape Craft strongly believes this quality system is the only sensible way to do business in such a highly demanding and technically challenging environment.

Research and Development Group

Tape Craft’s Research and Development Group brings a unique mix of capabilities, talent, and experience to bear so that we may provide our customers with innovative products, ideas, and solutions. Our product designer is perhaps the most experienced creator of webbing designs in the wide world of narrow fabrics. We also have on staff experts in the fields of weaving, dyeing, and finishing. It is the philosophy of our Product Development Team to create products that not only fulfill the black and white requirements of specifications and engineering drawings, but also the grey area of intangible characteristics that provide a competitive edge to our customers’ end-use items. We endeavor to learn the details of how our webbing is used in each application so we may offer a product with the best possible performance for its intended use.

Seeing Green

Tape Craft Corporation received its Green Business Certification from The Calhoun County Chamber of Commerce.

Tape Craft Corporation has also earned a Certificate of Achievement from the Calhoun County Chamber of Commerce certifying that it has completed a Business Continuity Plan to serve in times of crisis.