Strength and ingenuity in webbing

Tape Craft is proud to be an industry leader in shock-absorbing lanyards. Shock-absorbing lanyards are a special classification of lanyards that are designed to bring a falling person to a slow, comfortable stop to reduce the chance of injury. They limit the arrest force to less than 900 lbf. and the deceleration distance to 3½’. Lanyards are generally required by OSHA when working 6′ or more off the ground.

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POY Lanyard Webbing

Current technology requires two pieces of webbing: a strength member (nylon or polyester web) that eventually stops the fall and supports the load, and an energy-absorbing member (POY) that stretches to absorb the energy of the fall. The two webbings must be assembled and sewn into a lanyard, requiring a tedious process.

Tape Craft created a new webbing that dramatically reduces the amount of assembly required by fall protection manufacturers. In fact, all that is required is to sew two metal hooks on the end, and you have a functioning shock-absorbing lanyard.

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The main point of the invention is that the webbing has both the strength member (nylon or polyester tube) and the energy-absorbing member woven simultaneously as a one-piece webbing. The relative lengths of the two members are designed into the product as it is woven.

This is a patented product:

  • US Patents: 8,837,749, B2, 8,387,750 B2, and 8,316,988 B2
  • Canada Patent: CA 2 717 663

Tear Webbing

Tape Craft created a one-piece woven tear webbing that when assembled into a lanyard will act as both the energy-absorbing component and as the strength component. Energy absorbing is accomplished by fracturing of a set of yarns designed to “tear away” at a certain load. Unique to tear type products, however, the webbing is configured in such a way that after a predetermined tear length the webbing transitions into a strength member that will stop the fall and support the final load.

No back up strap is required with this product. In fact, all that is required is to sew two metal hooks on the end, and you have a functioning shock-absorbing lanyard. The deployment force and deployment distance are both set by the computer controlled weaving process.

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Specifications for High-Performance TapeCraft® Load Limiter

  • One-piece, shock-absorbing webbing that becomes the strength member upon deployment
  • Material design to comply with ANSI Z359.13 6FF and ANSI Z359.13 12FF standards.
  • Saves tedious and expensive assembly process
  • Arresting force limited to 700-800 lbf. as the webbing expands
  • At full expansion of +/- 40”, strength member is engaged and stops the fall
  • Tensile strength >6,000 lbf.

The above specification is one example. Performance is tunable to customer requirements.


  • US Patents: 7,726,350 B2
  • Mexico Patent: MXP 291,719
  • Canada Patent: CA 2 619 758
  • Japan Patent: JP 4 994 378
  • China Patent: CN 101268295 B

A Complete Line of Webbing for Fall Restraint

  • A0052:  4 ft Standard 220# POY Lanyard (Polyester)
  • A0053:  6 ft Standard 220# POY Lanyard (Polyester)
  • A0047:  6 ft Expandable 220# POY Lanyard (Polyester)
  • A0229:  6 ft Expandable 282# POY Lanyard (Polyester)
  • A0230:  6 ft Standard 282# POY Lanyard (Polyester)
  • A0181: Woven ANSI Z359.13 282# Tear Webbing (Nylon)
  • U0318-1 3/4“:  6,000 lb Harness Webbing (Polyester)
  • N0072- 1 3/4”: 7,000 lb Harness Webbing (nylon)
  • U0331-1 3/4“:  9,000 lb Grommet Webbing (Polyester)
  • U0117-1“:  9,800 lb Lanyard (Polyester)
  • U0131- 1”: 9800 lb Lanyard with Red Core (Polyester)
  • N0320-1”:  9800lb Lanyard (Nylon)
  • U0115- 1 1/4“:  12,000 lb Tieback Lanyard (Polyester)
  • U0131- 1 1/4”: 12,000 lb Tieback Lanyard with Red Core (Polyester)
  • U0120- 1 3/4”: Stiff Belt Webbing (Polyester)
  • U0246-1 3/4”: Extra Stiff Belt Webbing (Polyester)
  • U0133-1 5/8”: 6,000 lb Tubular Lanyard Webbing (Polyester)
  • U0122-1 3/4“:  6,000 lb Harness web with 3M reflective accents (Polyester)
  • A0093-1 1/2”: 6,000 lb Woven Expandable Lanyard Webbing (Polyester)
  • A0126: Tool Lanyard
  • E7100:  Elastic Keeper for 1 ¾” webbing

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